9 best wireless earbuds for your phone

More and more smartphone manufacturers are getting rid of analog 3.5mm jacks and wireless headphones are in fact becoming the only option for listening to music. There is nothing surprising in this: despite the far from the best battery life and sometimes unstable pairing, Bluetooth headphones are head and shoulders above their wired counterparts in convenience. They don't have the constantly tangling cord, they integrate with Google Assistant and other voice assistants by default.

Since the release of AirPods, there have been many True Wireless headsets that let you enjoy your music without getting tangled up in wires. Among them there are some great options that deserve attention. True Wireless means there is no cable between the headphones, that is, there is no wire or collar to fight with. There is nothing that gets tangled in your pocket, gets stuck in the zipper of your trousers, or hits you in the neck while you run.

Apple AirPods 2

The second generation Apple AirPods are not exactly what we hoped for, but they have a few cool features. They still have the same classic design, and the sound quality hasn't changed at all. Most of the updates are driven by the presence of the new H1 chip, which improves connectivity and battery life, and also allows for the new Hey Siri voice activation feature.

AirPods (2019) can also be equipped with an optional wireless charging case, which allows you to use a Qi-compatible mat to charge the case, rather than plugging the cable into the Lightning charging port at the bottom of the case. Like their predecessors, they are easily compatible with any phone, but are best optimized for use with the iPhone.

Price: 15,000 rubles.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

These headphones have intuitive controls, noise canceling microphone and wireless charging. They provide excellent sound quality with rich bass and quality noise cancellation. Galaxy Wearables app gives you access to built-in equalizer, many additionalsettings. There are several preset modes. There is also a touch panel on each earphone for control.

Airpods have a rather weak level of noise cancellation. Galaxy Buds have the advantage of blocking external sounds. This is a good choice if you plan to listen to music in a noisy place - for example, in public transport. If you want to hear external sounds (for example, cars), you can activate a special mode. In this case, the microphone will amplify the extraneous noise and transmit it to the speaker.

The Galaxy Buds have several significant improvements over previous Icon X models. They are lighter and more compact. Therefore, the headset fits snugly in the ear and is unlikely to fall out. Another feature of the Galaxy Buds is battery life: when the batteries are fully charged, they can play music for up to six hours (medium volume). The battery in the case gives an additional 7 hours of operation.

Price: 9,000 rubles.

Jabra Elite Active 65t

The Jabra Elite Active 65t has a secure fit with replaceable ear cushions that fit any shape and size ear. The earbuds are rated for 5 hours of use on a single charge, with an additional 10 hours of charging in the case, giving you an impressive 15 hours of listening time. Needless to say, they sound great?

The Jabra Elite Active 65t works with any voice assistant of your choice as it supports Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant for Android users. They are also IP56 rated, with a two-year warranty against dust and high water jets. And this is a big plus, for example, AirPods come without any IP protection class at all. At least this is not officially stated anywhere.

Price: 11,000 rubles.

Sony WF-SP700N

Although the Sony WF-SP700N is made of plastic, like all other headphones, including AirPods, the material itself is pleasant to the touch and quitecomfortable. They come with active noise canceling mode,including Ambient Sound mode. This is when the microphone picks up sounds from outside and outputs them to the speakers, making them a great option for jogging or walking around town. Splash protection rated IPX4. Even if this is not the best degree of protection, it is still better than none at all.

The sound quality is quite decent, but the battery only lasts for 3 hours of listening, which is less than that of the competitors. The charging case does not help the situation here either, because, despite its cumbersomeness, it provides only 6 additional hours. However, if you live in a big city and love to run, then Ambient Sound can really come in handy. The only question is whether you are willing to sacrifice a few hours of battery life for such a function or not.

Price: 9,000 rubles.

JayBird Run XT

JayBird Run XT are wireless headphones for active people. They are IPX7 water and sweat resistant, making them the perfect companion for fitness, running or any other high intensity workout. They come with replaceable silicone ear pads and earhooks to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. Battery life is decent with 4 hours of playtime, with an additional 8 hours of charging in the case.

For a headphone of this size, the sound quality and noise reduction are good. Nevertheless, not everything is so rosy. They only support one-click button functionality. Therefore, you will have to choose between such actions as calling the voice assistant, play / pause, or the volume up / down, which is not very convenient. I would like to have access to all of the above, but this is not here.

Price: 18,000 rubles.

Soundcore Anker Liberty Air

Anker is known for its quality batteries, cables, chargers and headphones, which are marketed under the Soundcore trademark. LibertyAir can withstand up to 5 hours of listening to music at medium volume. The case provides an additional 15 hours of battery life. The size of the case is the same as that supplied with the Airpods - it fits seamlessly in a bag, backpack or pocket.

At first glance, the oblong shape of the Soundcore Anker Liberty is very similar to Airpods. But, unlike the latter, these headphones use an in-ear form factor, thanks to which the headset provides better noise isolation, because it blocks out most external sounds. The earbuds come with three pairs of earbuds of different sizes and are very comfortable to wear. True, it is necessary to choose the right kit.

Price: 7 500 rubles.

SoundPEATS TrueFree +

TrueFree + offers many features that you rarely see in an inexpensive headset. There is even support for Bluetooth 5.0 and fast connection to devices that use this technology. Battery life - up to 4 hours. The case allows you to recharge up to 10 times. The headphones have built-in touch controls that are used to switch tracks, pause and resume playback.

Another feature of TrueFree + is that the left and right headphones function independently of each other: each has its own microphone. If only one of these is used, the sound is automatically switched to mono. It is a compact headset that fits most ears with excellent sound quality. They cannot completely replace more expensive devices, but they are quite suitable for listening to music during the day.

Price: 3,000 rubles.

JLab JBuds Air

Headset automatically turns on when removed from case. Supports Bluetooth 5.0, which significantly reduces sync delays compared to Bluetooth 4.2. The earbuds last up to 4 hours, and the case adds another 10 hours of music playback. Each earbud has a touch control panel that allows you to change the volume and activate the "smart assistant".

They are lightweight (6 grams), compact and have an IP55 protection level,which allows you to use them during training and outdoor activities. Includes earbuds for a custom fit to your ear. There are three playback modes that change without a smartphone app by using the controls on the headset itself.

Price: 3,500 rubles.

Treblab X5

Airpods are not very good for exercise because they often fall out of the ear when shaken violently. The Treblab X5 is an affordable alternative for fitness enthusiasts, designed specifically for outdoor activities. It has hooks for a secure fit while remaining lightweight and compact. The headset won't go anywhere, even if you're training in the ring or running.

Like many fitness devices, the Treblab X5 is waterproof (IPX4 class). They are afraid of her neither sweat, which inevitably appears during physical exertion, nor rain. So jogging down the street can be done without fear. The batteries last up to six hours on a single charge, plus the case provides an additional four hours of use. Treblab X5 has rich bass, good noise isolation and can be very loud. And they also have a very low delay and are kept on the ear even with active movement.

Price: 4 500 rubles.