8 best smartwatches from Samsung

Samsung is one of the few smartwatch manufacturers in the world that can compete with the best devices on the market, including the Apple Watch 5, Garmin Fenix ​​6, and Fitbit Versa 2. Unlike the Apple Watch (which will only work with an iPhone), you don't need to use a Samsung phone to use their smartwatch. Moreover, they will work equally well with not only Android but also iPhone.

Samsung's smartwatch uses the Tizen operating system, which is smoother and more energy efficient than Google's Wear OS. While the selection of apps for Tizen is limited, there are many popular apps available, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Strava. Another difference from Apple Watch is that they are different in shape, size and purpose.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Comfortable, functional smartwatch for any occasion. A steel bezel revolves around the bright 1.3-inch Super-AMOLED display - a rotating ring. It is easy for them to launch applications and navigate, practically without touching the touchscreen with their fingers.

The watch shows messages, incoming calls and notifications, you can even talk on the phone using the built-in speaker and microphone. In the functions - payments via Samsung Pay, the location is determined with an accuracy of two meters by GPS. For athletes, there is a pedometer and an S Health app to track your heart rate throughout the day.

Gear S3 resists water, dust, extreme temperatures and accidental drops. It is quite likely that they will serve you faithfully for a long time. The battery charge lasts for about four days. Supports charging from a wireless charger.

Samsung Gear Sport

A slightly stripped-down version of the more expensive smartwatches of this line is a bit like a fitness bracelet in terms of style. At the same time, the design is quite elegant, it will look good both with an evening dress andwith casual clothes. Super-AMOLED display (1.2-inch), waterproof (up to 50 m.).

The device measures the heart rate throughout the day, counts calories. There is a GPS, personal training functions for training in the gym, running. Using the bezel - a rotary ring - you can answer calls, messages, make payments. The innovative Connect system turns the gadget into a TV remote control, automatic doors, lighting, and other compatible devices.

The battery can be left uncharged for up to three days, but with intensive use, count on a maximum of a couple of days, especially if the heart rate counting mode is constantly activated.

Samsung Gear S3 Classic

The elegant gadget is very practical: it is equipped with an On-Cell Touch AMOLED touchscreen, can make and receive callsfrom your phone via Bluetooth wireless technology, using the built-in speaker and microphone for conversation. The bezel makes it easy to access apps and notifications by simply turning the rotating ring to navigate.

This smartwatch supports contactless payments, heart rate monitoring, pedometer, GPS, and dynamic load tracking. At the same time, they look much more stylish, many other models. Technologically, the Gear S3 Classic lags behind its peers a little: they work more slowly, and the battery holds a charge for only a couple of days.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm

The 1.3-inch Super-AMOLED display looks less digital and looks more likeon a classic mechanical watch. In addition, the Galaxy Watch 46 mm is very fast. Switching from one application to another takes place in a matter of fractions of a second.

Monitoring includes heart rate counting, accelerometer, barometer, gyro sensor, light sensor, GPS. The gadget tracks sleep, there are guides on meditation and breathing practices, can receive notifications and make calls. Recharges every four days with a wireless charger.

Certain Galaxy Watch models come with 4G (also known as LTE), which allows the watch to go online when you are away from your phone. You can stream music, make calls and even receive notifications from appsyour phone.

"Military" level of protection gives water resistance to 5 atmospheres, has a high resistance to mechanical stress. The strap is made of silicone, the watch is made of stainless steel, and the glass is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass DX +: after the device falls from a height of one and a half meters, not a scratch will remain on the glass.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

The device with a 1.1-inch round S-AMOLED screen is designed mainly for people who work outfitness, however, many functions are implemented better than in analogues. It is sold in two versions: display size 40 and 44 mm. The image is always clearly visible, whether you are running or walking in the rain.

The gadget can automatically detect up to six exercises, including running, walking, swimming. In manual mode, it tracks another 39 types of activities (yoga, cardio training, weightlifting, sleep, heart rate (with a warning if the heart rate is irregular). Water resistance up to 50 m (5 ATM), you can safely swim or swim. There is a GPS function.

There is no built-in microphone and speaker for receiving incoming calls, but you can see text messages and notifications. Using NFC is convenient to pay for purchases if you do not want to take cash or a bank card with you. Depending on the intensity of work, they work withoutCharging up to four days.

With this model, the developer ditched a rotating bezel, making the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active much lighter than other smartwatches and is made of aluminum or stainless steel with fluoroelastomer.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Rose Gold

The device is released in three colors: ink black, silver, rose gold. All models look good in evening lighting and brightm daylight.

The watch has a 1.2-inch Super-AMOLED display and a rotating bezel for easy access to apps. You can swim in them, they are not afraid of falls from a height of up to one and a half meters, extreme temperature changes, shocks and vibrations. Payments via Samsung Pay are supported.

There is enough energy under the case to keep it running for four days without recharging. The gadget can count the heart rate, determine the user's location by GPS, receive notifications and make calls: there is a built-in speaker, microphone, Bluetooth wireless interface.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro combines a smartwatch and a fitness bracelet, but the design is more similarprecisely on the latter. However, it does have an LCD display showing time, heart rate, calories burned and steps taken. You cannot answer calls and messages directly, but you can receive notifications.

Water resistant up to 50m, so you don't need to take them off while showering or diving into a pool. Works as a music player with the function of downloading tracks from Spotify playlists. The case is made of elastomer, so you are unlikely to break your watch while exercising. Fit2 Pro works on one battery charge for up to five days.

The fitness tracker functions work through the services Under Armor, MapMyRun and MyFitnessPal. By synchronizing the data, you can measure your progress and keep statistics on indicators, including changes in heart rate.

Samsung Galaxy Fit

Fitness tracker with a simple interface tracks activity in all parameters, from the amount of water and caffeine consumption to monitoringsleep. It will cope with any of your workouts, be it swimming in the pool, mountain climbing or visiting the fitness room. The watches are highly water-resistant, they are not afraid of extreme temperatures and shocks.

They can be connected to a Galaxy smartphone to receive / view text messages, incoming call information on the AMOLED display. The battery lasts up to seven days.