8 best head units with support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Are you planning to update the equipment of the car's interior to give it charm and novelty? We've compiled a list of eight of the best car radios you can install in your car.

Many of them are designed in such a way that their functionality almost does not differ from a smartphone. Companies like Apple and Google offer dedicated apps that can sync with these devices in your car.

JVC 6.8 ”Android Auto / Apple CarPlay

JVC's minimalist stereo system enhances your speaker sound and connects to any Android or iOS device without anyproblems. The colorful 6.8-inch touchscreen has an intuitive interface that lets you instantly switch from navigation menu to music player, phone sync window and more.

A 2-din car radio (180 × 100 mm) will allow you to connect a variety of acoustic devices, including a subwoofer. Able to work with audio quality up to 192 kHz for 24-bit music files, thus bypassing tracks on CD-carriers in sound quality by 6 times. It also boasts K2 Enhanced Digital Sound Quality and Tri-Band Bass Boost that combine to deliver high-frequency music reproduction. In addition, there is support for a wide variety of formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, BMP, JPEG, WAV, WMA, AAC and others.

Save up to 20 favorite radio stations or jump to your favorite music thanks to dual USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There is full integration with smartphones, so you can visit your favorite sites at any moment, without turning to the phone.

Kenwood DDX774BH

This model has a 6.95-inch LCD touchscreen display and bright LED backlighting. There is also a USB port with which you can connect or charge any Android and iOS smartphone. Oh yes, at once 5 devices can be connected to the audio system via Bluetooth technology, so that all your friends can choose their favorite songs to listen to.

In addition, the Kenwood DDX774BH has many different connectors that make this model more versatile. For example, it has a rear USB port, rear A / V out, front and rear camera connectors, and a six-channel pre-out.

Pioneer AVH-4200NEX

Let's say you're a real fan of good music. You are the type of person who does not go to live performances due to poor acoustic performance in concert halls, or you don’t listen to any album if it’s not in high quality FLAC format. Then you need a car radio that can handle even the most demanding audio files. This is precisely why the Pioneer AVH-4200NEX was created.

Features a 7-inch display and an amazing level of music file compatibility. It can play music in FLAC, MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, as well as video in MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVI, DivX and WMV. As for smartphones, it supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. When it comes to music services, the AVH-4200NEX is compatible with Spottify, Pandora and SiriusXM. You can use a Bluetooth connection to control your player or calls.

Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX

Most newer radios have resistive touch screens. These screens are pretty good, but they are no match for the capacitive touchscreens used on the very best smartphones today. If you're looking for a stereo system with smartphone-like screen response, then you should definitely check out the Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX.

It's a beast with an excellent level of smartphone compatibility. It supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This means that you can control various smartphone applications right on the screen of the radio.

It's especially nice that the touchscreen supports multi-touch, so you can zoom in freely when using the Google Maps app. At first glance, this may not sound very cool, but try to imagine a phone without the ability to scale for a second and you will understand why this feature is so good.


Sony has a proven track record in the home appliance market and is now making a name for itself in the automotive industry. Its 6.4-inch head unit with built-in Bluetooth module is designed to make using your Android smartphone on the road as easy as possible.

The in-dash receiver has a large, high-quality touchscreen. It responds to voice commands and boasts a set of side buttons that adjust the volume level.

Music sounds exceptionally good thanks to the sound controls that can be configured using the Dynamic Stage Organizer in the control panel. The built-in 4 × 55 W amplifier provides very clear and loud sound and also supports EXTRA BASS technology. And the compatibility with the rear view camera makes this radio an ideal purchase option.

Pioneer AVH4200NEX

Pioneer AVH4200NEX is an excellent option for those who want to become the owner of a radio with a huge 7-inch display and rich functionality. The built-in Bluetooth module supports up to two devices and allows you to control calls using your voice. Pioneer expands its integration with Apple with support for the proprietary Siri assistant, as well as built-in control system for iPod, iPhone and iPad using an optional adapter.

When a smartphone is connected to a stereo system, it becomes possible to control it by accessing contacts, calendar, maps and more. In addition, the latest news will appear on the screen while listening to the radio.

Pioneer DEH-X6900BT

The Pioneer DEH-X6900BT is a good choice for people on a budget who are not interested in fancy bells and whistles. It features an LCD display with powerful LED backlighting and dual-zone color settings, with which you can customize the color of the entire interface, including the background of the dialog buttons. Day and night, you will be able to see everything on the screen perfectly thanks to 10-step brightness settings.

Your machine has Bluetooth connectivityor not, a Pioneer stereo will add such a feature anyway. You will be able to listen to music from your phone without any wires and take / cancel calls using voice commands. Also on the front panel there are USB / AUX inputs for connecting various gadgets, for example, a smartphone or a music player. But that's not all, because you can customize the sound of songs for yourself thanks to the presence of a five-band equalizer.

Alpine Single-Din Bluetooth Car Stereo

Lovers of radio stations with good and clear reception can stop looking. Alpine Single-Din Bluetooth Car Stereo lets you listen to your favorite stations in HD quality. You only need a good signal to do this.

It measures 23x10x26 cm and weighs almost 2 kg. This is a 1-din type loudspeaker with a front protection panel. The maximum receiver power is 50W for four channels, and the RMS (RMS power) power reaches 18W. Preamplifier RCA connectors are dedicated for the front and rear subwoofer.

There is a built-in nine-band equalizer with LCD text display and four interface colors. There is also a built-in 105 dB AM / FM tuner. Of course, it is fully compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.