7 inexpensive but good drones with a camera

There are many different drone options available. They cover different price categories - from budget to very expensive devices. For a beginner, the best idea is to start with an inexpensive model. It will allow you to master the nuances of control and shoot an effective video without emptying your wallet.

Just a few years ago, the idea of ​​finding a quality cheap quadcopter with a video camera seemed ridiculous. Today, these devices have dropped significantly in price. Below are several options that cost like a Chinese smartphone, but allow you to shoot high-quality video.

Simrex X300C (3000 rubles)

Simrex X300C shows that even a tiny quadcopter can be multifunctional. This drone fits easily in the palm of your hand. It can be controlled from a smartphone or a joystick controller.

You can select one of three flight speeds - low, medium or high. Takeoff and landing are easy even for beginners. One press of a button is enough for the quadcopter to land or take off into the air.

Built-in 720p camera can take videos and photos indoors or outdoors. The flight time with a fully charged battery is about 10 minutes. There are four body color options available.

Dbpower X400W (RUB 2700)

Another great entry-level drone. The Dbpower X400W is equipped with a 720p camera for capturing videos and photos. In Headless mode, you can control the drone without taking into account the orientation of its nose. To automatically return it to its original position, just press a special button.

Operation is possible via the remote control (supplied) or smartphone app. All captured videos and photos are automatically saved in the smartphone's memory. The battery provides about nine minutes of flight time.

Eachine E58 (6500 rubles)

A distinctive feature of the Eachine E58 is a wide-angle lens that captures video with coverage of 120 degrees. The maximum camera resolution is 720p. When the drone is in the air, the camera can rotate 90 degreesdown to film what is happening on the ground. Control is carried out using the supplied controller or smartphone.

Altitude hold mode can be used to take sharp photos and videos. When activated, the drone hovers in a certain place. During the flight, beginners can use the "headless" mode so as not to control the position of the nose of the apparatus.360-degree flip is accomplished at the push of a button. The flight time with a fully charged battery is approximately 12 minutes.

With the help of an additional headset and a special application, you can see in real time what the drone is filming.

Force1 F100G (RUB 6,000)

The quadcopter comes with a removable 1080p camera and can fly up to 500 meters. It is possible to install your own action camera instead of the supplied one.

Brushless motors provide a very stable position in the air to capture crisp videos and photos. Using the included remote control, the operator can smoothly adjust the speed of the drone. LED headlights are provided for flight in the dark.

Battery provides up to 15 minutes of flight time. As a bonus, the manufacturer supplies a spare battery in the kit. There are removable body panels in different colors.

Simtoo Moment (10,000 rubles)

This drone may be the best choice for those people who are especially interested in getting the highest quality video and photos. The camera can shoot 4K video and 12 megapixel photos. The lens rotates 90 degrees.

There are several shooting modes that are tailored to the use of the drone for different purposes. For more accurate positioning, the device is equipped with dual GPS. There is electronic image stabilization, automatic takeoff and landing. The supplied battery provides up to 15 minutes of flight. When folded, it takes up very little space - about like a medium-sized book.

Holy Stone HS120D (10,000 rubles)

Holy Stone HS120D is a good choice for people whoyou need not only great photos and videos, but also additional advanced features. The built-in camera can shoot 1080p video and high quality photos. The camera is equipped with a 120-degree wide-angle lens that can be rotated 75 degrees.

Holy Stone HS120D has some of the features found in more expensive quadcopters. In the follow me mode, it will automatically recognize the operator's face and will fly after him. When the battery is low or the signal is lost, it automatically lands at the take-off point. You can preset the flight path, after which the drone will follow the specified route without manual control. The battery provides up to 16 minutes of flight time. The set comes with a controller with a holder for a smartphone.

DJI Tello (14,000 rubles)

Today DJI is the most famous manufacturer of quadcopters. Various models of this brand are in great demand all over the world. DJI Tello has several technologies that are mainly used in more expensive devices.

Weighs only 80 grams. It can fly both outdoors and indoors. The battery provides about 10 minutes of flight time. Features include automatic takeoff / landing, 720p camera, electronic image stabilization and obstacle recognition.

Operators can use six flight modes. For example, in Throw & Go mode, you just need to throw the drone into the air, after which it will automatically stabilize and fly. The control is carried out using the application on the smartphone.