5 best wireless mice for your computer

Wireless mice are quite common today, and there is a tangible practical sense in this. Of course, until relatively recently they were slower in operation, not as responsive and far from as sensitive as compared to conventional wired mice. But now, thanks to new technologies, they have become more functional, familiar and efficient to use.

A huge assortment of laser and optical mice, which the market is oversaturated and which are all very different, sometimes confuses users: so which one should you choose, which one will be more convenient to work with? Moreover, everyone has very different requirements and preferences. So that you do not make the wrong choice, we have prepared for you a list of the best wireless mice that you can buy for your Windows computer this year.

Logitech MX Master 2S

Flagship model with high performance sufficient for games where sensitivity and speed are important. For right-handers - very comfortable and ergonomic, but not at all suitable for left-handers. The mouse is equipped with a high-precision Logitech Darkfield laser that captures the slightest movement, so it can be used even on surfaces such as glass and plastic, which are usually not laser-friendly.

The Logitech MX Master 2S has seven buttons and a 500mAh rechargeable battery that lets you run all day on a 3-minute charge! Mouse connection is possible via USB-receiver (2.4 GHz) or via Bluetooth 4.0. Just a win-win for right-handers: there are two back-forward buttons next to the thumb. Available in light gray, graphite and turquoise.

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S

You can connect this mouse to a computer or laptop in three ways - via Bluetooth, via a USB cable or via a proprietary USB receiver(2.4 GHz) wirelessly. There is an automatic transition to a super-fast operating mode during scrolling.

The non-removable, rechargeable battery is rated for up to 60 days ofone charge and, since it cannot be replaced, it should last for several years. The dimensions are quite compact and comfortable in the palm of your hand, which makes the model a very attractive travel device.

The main features of Logitech MX Anywhere 2 are customizable reassignable keys, fast operation, stylish design and the ability to work on any surface. There are three color options: gray, white and black.

Razer Mamba HyperFlux

A mouse pad that can charge wirelessly isn't new, but now, with the Razer Mamba HyperFlux, the lightest inworld of a gaming model without any built-in battery, this is a trend and a new rule for gamers.

The Firefly HyperFlux Mousepad is a wireless charger that allows the mouse to work even for 10 seconds after removing it from the mat, and makes it work within1-2 seconds after placing on the charging mat.

However, if there is no mat, you can connect it to a computer using a Micro Usb cable.

Microsoft Surface Mouse

The Microsoft Surface Mouse is designed specifically for tablets with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. She is quite nimble and responsive, since her laser is able to read movement when working on any surface.

Originally designed for the Microsoft Surface tablet, it is also compatible with other Windows 10 tablets, Android and Mac devices.

HP X3000

One of the most affordable models with high quality, excellent reviews and ergonomic design. It has 3 buttons, and the wireless connection is carried out using a USB nano receiver, which, if not needed, is stored inside the mouse itself, which is very convenient.

This wireless optical mouse features a 1200 dpi sensor for high precision and confidence on virtually any surface. Governing bodiesHP X3000 - two buttons and a clickable scroll wheel. To work, you need a pair of AA batteries. The model is available in different colors: black, blue, red and purple.